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Auto Body Shop Estimating Software Alternative for $19.95?  Instant download?  I know right…

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Write 1 or 2 page estimates, print, track parts, manage payments, customer note fields, profit summary and more helpful ways to handle any auto body project in your shop.

This Excel multi tabbed workbook is an excellent alternative.

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Get an Estimate and Quality Custom Work


Estimate Live Consultation Software Alternative Recent News How To’s Product’s

RaceClubBodyShop.com for Auto Body customizing, consulting, how to’s, tech tips and other automotive repair/customization products.

You can clean and scuff a panel in one step.  Saving clean up time…

Some of you may remember the shop in Moncure, some may not, but all should know by now we closed that location and no longer support a brick and mortar body shop.  Same goes for the transition into a web design management SEO company, some may know…

The transition to web design seems like an odd switch to some, but, we did web design for years while we were banging on cars, for more information about this transition, see the news section of this website.  To view other topics and catch up on whats going on, see the News Main Menu.

We kept the body shop website because it still generates ad revenue and why throw the money away, would take much to talk us into selling it though, lol, maybe you know someone who want our redirect traffic?

We are now focusing solely on helping other body shops hammer the search engines with their cars, list of services and helping them become a resource.  Our website was instrumental in generating sales for our shop over the 8 years (Counting the shop in Raleigh before the move to Moncure), we now work with other shops and help them succeed, generate sales, grow a website that become a resource for their customers and a profit center for their shop.  For more information about our web design services, see that website for details and contact information.