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Body shop estimating software, How to resource, Collision and custom body shop directory, Online consulting, Writing estimates and Body shop product reviews.

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We Manage Our Automotive Business with Freshbooks.  Invoicing, Credit Card Payments, Recurring Invoices…  www.FreshBooks.com

Body Shop Estimating Software Tools.  Write, Manage and Profit from a Body Shop Estimate


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Body Shop Estimating Software $21.95 to $69.95

Body Shop Estimating Software

Writing Body Shop estimates using database software typically come with high monthly fee’s but…

Auto Body Excel Created an Alternative to Body Shop Estimating Database driven Software

Yes point and click body shop estimating software's are nice and can save a lot of time for a high volume shop but not all shops need point and click, in some cases, smaller body shops cant handle or don't want the large monthly fees that come with them, we created an alternative using a free software (OpenOffice.org) and created a work book body shop estimating tool.

Writing a body shop estimate is simple and it’s the stepping stone estimating tool to transition from hand written estimates to point and click software.

We used it in our body shop for years and developed it for Collision Repair Shops, Restoration Shops, Car Re builders and Sellers, Custom Body Shops and even the back yard shops who just wants a printable estimate they can give to their customer.

Not only will it help you write the estimate, but when the customer drops off, it will help you manage expenses, track parts, record invoices and ultimately your profit margin.

We used it, improved it, began implementing other users requests and make it available as an instant download at store.bodyshopestimatingtools.com.

There are several versions depending on your price point and features, prices range from $19.95 for basic and works with Microsoft Excel, other versions with additional features up to $69.95 for the most recent and feature filled version, the $69.95 version is the best value because it uses OpenOffice.org and OpenOffice.org is free, if you don’t have a copy of Microsoft Excel it can get pricey.

One of the many values of using this Body Shop Estimating Tools is you can modify the sheet to accommodate features you want for your shop.

Yes this body shop estimating software alternative was a great tool for us and will be a great one for you.

One more thing?  They are working on a version that can be modifies by use to accommodate your shops specific needs, they will add your logo, add or remove labor columns, adjust specific features to custom Taylor it to your specific body shop needs.

Check out their website, browse versions, view tutorials on their support website, use their stellar support system and contact them if you have any questions.

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Download OpenOffice.org Software Free

Download Auto Body Excel Estimating Instantly.  Full version $69.95