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How to Mold in a Body Kit Without it Cracking?

Valuable information for body shops doing molded in body kits… e-book Under $30

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Blogger Blog Closed

We no longer support, the blogspot blog.  It is still online, we just dont post or monitor it.  Try our hosted blog

The BodyShopForum.blogspot.com Blog is Closed

Although its still online and we will leave it online, we no longer have long term plans of supporting it, to be honest, the Blogger code is to quirky and unreliable, support is terrible so we gave it up to cut our time hogged losses.

We may do another one based on demand, but currently we have yet to find an app that performed well enough to justify the effort.  If you cant do it right, no point in doing it at all…

We are focusing our attention on the new store front, it will be released in the next 30 days.  There will be an announcement.

The new store front has provisions for a newsletter that will save you the trip to the website, you can get updates via email.

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