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How to Mold in a Body Kit Without it Cracking?

Valuable information for body shops doing molded in body kits… e-book Under $100

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Installing Body Kit Side Skirts

This page was lost in the transition (oops) but we will be bringing it back :) and will be adding more like it…

How to install body kit side skirts the right way

This will be a repost of the page that was destroyed in the redesign (the bad news), but the repost of this page will be more in depth and better then the last one.

This is a important information because most body shops struggle with side skirts when doing a body kit, mostly because the body kits fit so badly.

There is a way to install poor fitting side skirts in a tight seamless way, we will even talk about molding them into the car.  Molding hollow side skirts into the car is not easy, but there is a technique that makes it cost effective and no cracking…

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