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Repairing Acura’s Transmission Mount

New part? $195.00, Tube of Window Urethane $8.00, no brainer huh?

Tube of Urethane and 24 hour dry time

How To Repair A Transmission Mount on a 94 Acura Legend for Under $25

Replacing this part with a new one can cost $250 from Acura and $300 to $500 in mechanical labor for a total of $750.  We show you how to repair it under $25.

A) Remove the mount (this link to an eHow article may help).

B) Set the mount up on a flat surface like a table top (Figure 1).

C) Look at the broken center piece that the bolt goes through, notice the shape of the rubber area that is broken or torn.  Rest the center piece in place.

D) After confirming the original position of the center piece, remove the piece, add urethane where the center piece touches the surrounding rubber and slide back into place in the same location (figure 2).

E) Carefully squirt the window urethane filling the entire cavity surrounding the center piece.  Make sure center piece does not move, if it has, slowly move it back into position (figure 3).

F) Allow the Urethane to dry for 24 hours before putting mount back on the car (figure 4).

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